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Bridal Makeup

Your wedding day is YOUR day, and all eyes are on you. Your face your eyes, and the glow that emanates from a bride in love. You look as beautiful as you feel. Let us help you maximize that beauty. This is your day. Don’t forget this. I see so many brides get lost trying to please everyone on their wedding day. Stop it! I think this day should be about YOU. Luckily for you I have a masters degree in taming demanding mothers.

Attention to detail and skill will help you achieve your desired look in the comfort of your own home or hotel suite. OR if you are a bride with a limited budget or your location is not desirable for makeup application, come to the beautiful Perfectly You Makeup studio space and have your makeup applied. We will enjoy some champagne and your day will go smoothly.

You have been dreaming and planning your wedding day for a long time and with extra care, paying very careful attention to the little details. You have chosen the perfect dress, a picturesque location, and a photographer who shares your vision. Don’t let one of the most important details go by without thought: your face. Your face is what your future spouse will be looking into while exchanging vows. 

Everyone will comment on the glow that you exude. Your face is what EVERYONE will be looking at and will be what everyone remembers.

“Doesn’t she look beautiful?…Doesn’t she look so happy?…Look how she glows!” they will comment. That is why the makeup, and more importantly, the makeup artist, you choose will be one of the most important decisions you make for your wedding. The right makeup will compliment your face and truly bring out your features. The right makeup will photograph beautifully and emphasize your natural beauty. The right makeup will make you look and feel beautiful. The right makeup artist can provide this for you. The right choice is Perfectly You Makeup Studio.

A timeless look is always what we strive for, as well as a beautiful classic makeup that will photograph exquisitely. As fun as the current trends are, they do not always belong on a brides face as it could leave her wedding pictures dated in a few years, much like our old high school photos. A Perfectly You Makeup Studio look will stand the test of time, both throughout your wedding day and in the years to come.

From beginning to end, your wedding makeup will help you achieve the perfection that any movie star would be proud to wear. Your beautiful makeup will last from your first photo, until your last dance. Reserve your date now for the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Typically, a bride’s run-through will take almost twice as long as her wedding day application, because we “tweak” the makeup at several stages until it is absolutely perfect for each bride. The most important part of the wedding trial is that you feel heard and that I am able to create the perfect bridal makeup for you.

Bridal consultation is $50.00 

Bridal Makeup

 In Studio or On Location

  • Bridal Makeup – $75
  • Bridesmaids and Mother of Bride/Groom – $50
  • Flower Girl (under age 12) – No charge (light glitter/shimmer and gloss)
  • Groom or Groomsmen – $20.00  (anti-shine, acne covered, anti sweat on forehead etc)

*Travel fees apply above ten miles from Perfectly You Makeup Studio location, at 50 cents per mile.

Note: We are available to do weddings on any day of the week you have chosen for your special day.

A minimum of 2 clients are required for all weddings done at wedding location. Wedding parties done at Studio can be as few as one person.

False lash cost is an additional $10 application fee

Call us today at 530.615.7224 or send email tanyamhibbard@gmail.com

Special Event Makeup

Love how you look. Every day, for any occasion, Perfectly You Makeup Studio wants you to absolutely love how you look. Whether it is an anniversary or a first date, graduation or a school reunion, first day on the job or simply because you want it, we want you to look and feel incredible. It doesn’t have to be the most important day of your life for you to exude beauty.

Thirty minutes in a professional makeup artist’s chair and a set of false lashes can transform your ordinary day into a day filled with compliments from people wondering if you lost weight or just got back from vacation. From a fresh, natural look to a night on the town look, the right makeup will get your inner beauty noticed even more.

Perfectly You Makeup Studio recognizes that your face has its own unique beauty to be expressed. Our makeup applications are never a precanned formula designed to sell any particular product or make you look a particular way. We will design a look specific for you and how you want to present yourself to the world that day: alluring for your date, glamorous for your reunion, ravishing for your anniversary, breathtaking for the sake of being breathtaking that day.

Special Event Makeup

 In Studio

  • Full Makeup Lesson (2-3 hours) – $100.00
  • Photo Ready Makeup (1 hour) – $50.00
  • Senior Portrait or Prom – $40.00