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Why should I use a bridal makeup artist?

There are so many reasons why you should use a makeup artist who has been trained in bridal makeup. The art of applying bridal makeup is quite different to if you were just applying it for a night out. Bridal makeup is applied in such a way as to bring out a natural glow, reduce shine and guarantee longevity. As a professionaly trained bridal makeup artist,  I know the importance of using high quality brands and brushes and purchase products specifically designed for brides, with higher pigmentation to make you and your photos look exceptional!

My friend has offered to do my make-up and she does hers really well should I go with her?

It is up to you, but remember the photographs from this day will probably be with you forever so you want them to look perfect. Most people are good at applying makeup on themselves, but unless they are a trained makeup artist they may not know how to accurately color match and correct YOUR specific features and apply makeup to ensure it lasts your whole wedding day – they will also probably not carry the products a bridal makeup artist will such as primers and color correctors. Another thing to consider,  they may not be used to working to a tight schedule as an experienced makeup artist is and if they have to do their own makeup as well as a few of the wedding party they could find the pressure of fitting you all in difficult.

I was considering just doing it myself on the day, but I'm not sure?

This is your day and your chance to be pampered so treat yourself, but if you decide you really want to it might be worth investing in a makeup lesson or 2 to know what you are doing, but keep in mind by the time you’ve paid for the lesson and bought the products recommended to you, you may not have saved any money at all.

I have had my makeup applied before and I looked ridiculous so am apprehensive about having it applied again?

This is understandable, that is why a trial before the big day is so important to ensure you are 100% happy with your makeup and comfortable with me.  This is one of the things I hear the most often and it really makes me sad. Are there really that many makeup artists out there not listening to what women are asking for? I can really get how frustrating and apprehensive this would make you. There are also many artists out there who haven’t necessarily had training in bridal makeup so it’s worth asking. As well as paying attention to the equipment they use and their hygiene standards – that way you will know they have been professionally trained and care about sanitary practices.

I never wear make-up so I'm nervous about feeling and looking cakey and too made-up?

In this case a natural look is absolutely essential as you need to look like you on your wedding day and feel completely comfortable. For a ‘no make-up look’ I would highly suggest getting your makeup airbrushed and you won’t feel or look cakey. The make-up is applied very gently  and everything is explained so you feel comfortable and happy. Good communication with your makeup artist is essential! Be sure to choose an artist who will listen to your requests.

I have really bad scarring/ blemishes on my face and I'm worried you won't be able to hide them on the day?

I am trained in corrective make-up so don’t panic and  know that your mind will be set at ease during your trial. I myself dealt with acne as a teen and into my 20s so I have a very keen sensitivity to how acne scars look and how to best cover them with makeup.

I'm not getting married for 10 months is it too soon to have a trial?

Unless you are planning on drastically changing your appearance it is never too early for a trial if it helps set your mind at ease and gives you one more thing to cross off the list!

If you have any unanswered questions please feel free to send an email