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Perfectly You Makeup Studio can demystify makeup and show you what really works for your specific needs. We’re not the result of a product management decision of what to push that day. We give you practical advice and tips that work for you!

By the time our clients walk through our doors, they have wasted too much time on unmemorable ’10 minute make-overs’ at countless mall makeup counters and too much money on products that are either unnecessary or useless because of sloppy instruction and advice. You don’t know how to use what you have and I bet you don’t want more of the same.

A makeup lesson at Perfectly You Makeup Studio includes going through each client’s own makeup, keeping what is actually useful, hip or timeless, and getting rid of what is not. We are happy to work with your drug store brands or high end lines. We know all price points of makeup have good things to offer. Then we supplement what is left with needed products and/or tools. Every woman needs a 10-15 minute ”face” to put on, to look her daily best, and she needs to know that she can easily do it while getting ready for school, getting the kids fed, or just getting out the door to work.

We can teach a anyone to do makeup easily, quickly and in a modern, personal way and help you to reach past the fear that you can’t do it…so you can welcome the strength that is inherent in knowing that you have fully grasped you true inner power and hidden beauty potential. The right makeup lesson can, quite simply, change your life!

Have you noticed that when you look and feel more beautiful, everybody pays more attention to you? The fact is that when you feel beautiful, you will have a self confidence that magnifies your inner and outer beauty.

The Perfectly You Makeup Lesson
(1 1/2 hrs with second 30min visit) With Tanya – $ 100.00

  • A comprehensive lesson focusing on modern technique & color selections custom tailored to each client’s age, lifestyle & comfort zone.

  • Includes makeup bag/drawer/caboddle cleanout/evaluation

  • Includes easy instruction on the how/why/care of each makeup brush

  • Includes a beautiful, easy-to-follow, step-by-step custom makeup chart

  • Includes a second visit (after a couple weeks of practice) to review lesson and make sure you understand and can accomplish all instruction

  • Includes a beautiful finished face that we do together!

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Perfectly You Makeup Studio has a lot of exciting things on the horizon including evening group workshops on various makeup applications like smokey eye, mastering vintage makeup, pinup makeup and the10 minute workday makeup look.